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Ceres, CA

Sighted on Saturday 08. July 2000
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 8 minutes

Blue Streak with UFO Trailing in Ceres, CaliforniaUntill yesterday, I was pretty skeptical as to the existence of extraterestrial life on among the heavens; last night changed my whole perspective.And I'd swear on the bible to you, that this is 100% true. It was myself(((name deleted))), My brothers ((two names deleted)), and our friend ((name deleted)). We had just paid to get into the Ceres Drive-in in Cere's, CA. Anyways, we were at like the first bend turn to get to the screen we were about to watch our movie on, when David says, "dood, there's something in the sky up there." At that point everyone else in the car wanted to see what he was talking about so I ducked my head from the back seat so i could look out the front window and what I saw i truly can not justify. Picture if you can a summer day just coming to a head in the evening, the sun was just down, and the sky was a deep, but still lit, baby blue. Above and to the far right of our screen there was (now this was totally a visual experience) this blueish-neon streak in the sky, something I have never seen before and you could tell it was totally foreign to the sky...it was like something from a sci-fi movie, like special effects. it was about 3 inches in length in the sky, and it was such a clear night, it looked close. Now just after this streak there was a dusty trail of smoke starting from the small end of what would look like a stretched tear drop, but of smoke, and directly in the end of it was a bright white light, that seemed straining, searching almost through that fog/smoke, kinda like a smake crawls, not exactly in a straight line. Now I couldn't make out any shape of what the "light-emitting thing" might have even looked like, because it was surrounded almost entirely by that damn smoke. My brother ken said he saw lights around the light, but I couldn't say because I didn't concentrate on the light..i was too busy trying to make some logical excuse for the neon blue streak in our sky.About an hour later, into out movie, i was still checking out the window to watch that streak and see if it had dissapeared, b! ut it di dn't, it took a long time. Then i noticed off to the right sky there were about 7 planes, all in in close formation, with their little flashing lights, all coming what seemed towards us. I've never seen that many planes flying that close, such a small amount of sky, i don't know if they had anything to do with what we saw, but i have a feeling they did. All we could all say was, "what the hell is that??" It was shocking, because i've never seen anything like that before, and it kind of brought a sense of reality crashing in rather suddenly. Anyways, i'm not sure how long it may have been there before we originally noticed it, but I don't think verly long. And after I first spotted it after david pointed it out, if i had to give a time that it was in the sky, i'd say maybe a quick 6-8 seconds...maybe less. It was going in a more or less straight course, then like I said maybe 6 or 8 or seconds into it, this thing just vanished into thin air. The smoke was still there, and so was the blue streak. The smoke evaporated within a few minutes, but the strange blue streak in the sky, stayed for at least an hour. And we were not the only ones to see this thing, there were people everywhere; we were in a drive-in movie lot! people were standing outside their cars pointing in the sky, talking on their cell phones. it was a very strange thing, and I've never seen anything like that around here, or even heard of anything like that. That's why I know it wasn't right, something was definitely there, and many people were witness to it. I haven't heard any local news yet, or read any articles, but it did just happen yesterday, i checked online at the modesto bee, (a local paper) but there is nothing, and there is no Cere's paper online. so i don't know if anyone reported this yet, but I can garauntee someone will besides me. What I saw was in my mind alien; very unidentified and rather alarming. I haven't told anyone about it except my mom, this was my best idea to try to spread the news about what I saw, and to let othe! rs out t here know who might be skeptics, so was i, but this was as real as it gets. and i to tell you the truth I wish i hadn't seen it, i wish I could still believe that things like this are only fantasy, or made up stories, but I can't. I saw it and so did a lot of other people.

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