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Kittery, ME

Sighted on Tuesday 12. December 2000
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 15 mins.

Craft being chased west south west by 4 military aircraft on the Maine New Hamphire border on 12/12/2000 at 3:45 pm.My wife and I while driving back to NH from Topsham Maine on 12/12/2000 at apporx. 3:45 pm to 4:00 pm on I-95 South, between Portland and Kittery when, when we saw three very bright lights in the west south west sky. These lights from left to right where red, white and green in a triangurlar formation with the white light slightly above the other two, these lights did not flicker or fade or change colors and remained intact and did not devate from it's west south west course. These lights where very very bright and stood out cleanlly on a bright and sunny day with no clouds in the area at all. We looked at them for a short time maybe two mins and then each other, at that time we did not know what we saw, but as I looked around behind us I saw 4 high alltitude jets pursuing in the direction of the lights at a high rate of speed with enough alltitude to leave contrails behind them, they criss crossed the sky several times in an attempt to intercept the lights. As the jets passed over head I remarked to my wife that what ever it was the naval air base at Brunswick Maine had scrambled jets to check it out, as I pointed them out to her she saw exactly what I saw, 4 jets trying to vecter an intercept course with the lights in the west south west sky. We first noticed the lights some where between Portland and Kittery, The jets as far as we saw did not catch up to the lights. When we crossed the bridge at Kittery heading back into NH our view of the sky changed due to landscape in that area and could no longer see the jets nor the lights. I believe that the lights we saw was not any type of aircrft I've ever seen and most certainlly had to have been seen by many motorist on I-95 So. as the traffic was moderate to heavy that day and it was so Bright that you would need to be blind not to see it, still to this day I've heard of no reports of this sighting and have checked newspapers from NH and Maine from then till now. Also I believe that it was picked up on radar at Brunswick naval air base and the air p! ort at p ortland. My wife and I are of sound mind and very honest and creditable folks and have worked in the electronic warfare divisions of several firms for many years and have seen some unbelievable technologies being developed, but this was unlike any thing we had ever seen before. My only misgiven is that on that day I had no camera with me.

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