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Bamberg (Germany)

Sighted on Monday 21. July 2003
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Shape: Light | Duration: 7 days

Bright light moves in sky daily.My husband and I are stationed in bamberg germany for the time being. One night, while not able to sleep, I was drawn to the window by the sound of a nearby fire alarm sounding. While at the window, my attention was caught by a bright light in the sky. At first I had thought that it was just a plane, but noticed that there were no blinking lights of any sort, and that it was a single white light, much too bright to be an airplane. I watched the light move slowly across the sky in a slight wavy pattern, and then, just east of the big-dipper, increase speed, and dissapear back into space. I was a bit confused by it and tried to figure out what this object could be. My only thought was a low-orbit satellite. But why would a low orbit satellite move in that pattern? And would it be as bright as what I saw? The next day I spoke whith a few neighbors about it, and told them about what I had seen. They all too passed it off as a satellite. Well, the second night, I was in the window again, hoping maybe to see somthing again. To my surprise, The same light appeared in the sky. Same type of pattern, but a bit more north. The only real difference was that it appeared exactly one hour prior to the time it had the day before. At this point, noticing the time of the appearances, I thought it must be a satellite. The next day, I again told my neighbors of it, and we arranged to all meet outside that night so that I could show them what I was seeing. So when meeting, just as expected, it showed up in the sky, a bit more north and exactly an hour earlier. After my neighbors had seen it, they all agreed against me that this couldn't in fact be a satellite. The pattern, the amount of light it projected, none of it reflected a satellite. Well, the days continued, and it moved a bit north everyday, and was exactly an hour earlier everyday. Although, the last day it was seen, there was a change. The first sighting was at 2:30 am, this last sighting was at 8:30 pm, on sunday the 27th of July. I wasn't the person to see it, but my neighbor said that while she was outside, she noticed it. This time it was still daylight, and it seemed to appear on the same path, but this time it had moved south.almost as if it was back-tracking. She also said that directly behind it was a jet. I still would like to think that this was merely a low-orbit satellite, but my neighbors disagree. We don't know where to look for answers on the subject. I was hoping that a web-site such as this one might be able to give us some clues.((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight at 03:20 hrs. on this date. We do not know what the witness observed. PD))

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