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Ashtabula, OH

Sighted on Wednesday 12. January 2005
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Triangular object followed by two other strange UFOsOn 1-12-05 about 7pm or few minutes after I was walking back from my brother's house (2 doors down) and I saw this big spotlight object flying from the west. (I live on West 13th St Ashtabula Ohio.) I was thinking that it was probably "Life flight" coming into ACMC (Ashtabula County Medical Center) so I stayed at the bottom of my driveway to watch. When it got closer the white light diminished. By the time that this craft was over me I could swear I could see a black triangular shape with a series of different colored lights flashing rapidly on all three corners. No noise! Was listening for chopper sounds. Never heard them. Well, I ran back down to my brother's house to have him come outside. When he got outside it was to far away. My brother didn't know what to think. All of a sudden my brother asked,"Whats that?" Another one (higher up; again no noise and flying from the west)lights flashing on and off but no distinctive shape. Just as we were about to discuss what we saw? A third one appeared ( A little lower than the second and you could make out just a little bit of a strange shape.) lights rapidly flashing. I went down to the Medical Center to see if a helicopter was on the pad to make sure. No signs of a helicopter there. Everything was quiet!

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