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Wuerzburg (Germany)

Sighted on Tuesday 26. August 1997
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 20-30 minutes

Bright motionless light seen in Germany.Hi Peter, I just recently learned about you from listening to the Jeff Rense program, and from watching the UFO special on ABC. Great work you’re doing! The reason I’m writing is that I would like to report a UFO sighting, although I’m not sure if you’re the right person to receive it, as this incident happened in Germany several years ago. If you know of someone who is more interested in international sightings, feel free to pass this along. I apologize in advance for all of the important information that will be lacking in this report, but I think you’ll agree that every little piece of information contributes to the overall picture.I am completely at a loss as to the timing of this sighting. I was in Germany from June of 1995 until the summer of 2001. This happened sometime between ’96 and ’98. That's as close as I can get to giving you the timing.I was a soldier stationed in Wuerzburg, Germany from June ’95 until August ’97. I remained in Germany until 2001. My friend and I often visited the Café Haupelshofer, a popular café downtown. One night, my friend was driving us to the café when he noticed an object in the sky. He asked me "Dude, what the hell is that?" I looked toward where he was pointing and saw a bright light in the sky. I told him I didn't know what it was. He asked me to keep an eye on it while he drove. I was able to keep it in view continuously until we parked the car. Stepping out of the car, it was still in view, about 75-80 degrees above us. We walked the short distance to the café, keeping it in view the whole time. It never seemed to move at all. We got to the Haupelshofer and stood outside in the alley to the left of the café watching this hovering light for approximately ten minutes. As we stood there, several German pedestrians would pause for a moment as they walked by us, looked up and wondered aloud, "Was ist das?" (What is that?) before continuing on. It was a clear night with plenty of stars in the background. The whole time, the light never moved in the sky. By contrast, there were airplanes crossing the rather narrow field of vision. We were in the alley close to the corner of Sanderstrasse, so the streetcar tracks were right behind us, looking up at the strip of sky between the buildings. The light was basically centered in this narrow piece of sky, and planes flying much higher than this object were crossing in the background. It was obviously not a plane, nor a blimp or balloon. It COULD have been a helicopter, only it was low enough that had it been a helicopter, I'm sure there would have been sound, but there was none. All I could see of it was a single, bright, white light - I couldn't see any hardware. It wasn't very high up, but higher than the altitude of the average hot air balloon. If I held an object up at arm's length to hide it from view, I could probably hide it with a dime. We could not positively identify the object, so by definition, it remains a UFO. Eventually we got tired of staring at this light, just hovering in place, and we entered the café. When we left, we paused in the alley and looked up, but the light was gone. Unfortunately, I don't have more specific details to give you. Interestingly, I found a picture of some folks eating breakfast at the café. If you look at the picture, you'll see four windows behind the people. My friend and I were standing just outside of the two windows on the right hand side when we watched the UFO. I've also included a rough sketch of the view looking up at it. I hope this is something you can use. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ((e-address deleted)) Keep up the great work!((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of sighting is approximate. PD))

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