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29 Palms, CA

Sighted on Monday 08. August 1977
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 15 minutes

I was in the Marines and stationed at Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, CA in the Summer of 1977. I and some friends were at a Drive-In movie located in the town of 29 Palms outside the base. It was pretty late at night. The movie screen was located about 5 feet away on the other side of 5' high wooden fence that surrounded the parking area. I just happened to look off to the upper right hand side of the screen and noticed that something was hovering, with multi-colored blinking lights, above a darkened building, about a mile away on the outskirts of town. (29 Palms, CA) I thought to myself, 'What the heck is a helicopter doing hovering over a building out in town'? I was used to seeing all kinds of helicopters on the base. I then noticed that it continued to hover, there was no sound or sand being kicked up. It appeared to be a ball of multi-colored blinking lights. I couldn't discern a shape. I absent mindedly started walking towards the fence to get a better look. I then noticed that many other people in the Drive-In saw it too and got out of their cars. The UFO then started to rise straight up, silently. It did not flair out at an angle like a helicopter would. It kept going up until it appeared to be the size and color of a star. It then started zig-zagging across the sky while still going up, until it finally disappeared. I found out later that at the same time, people located on the other side (to the left of the screen) of the drive-in area, saw two UFO's hovering over a mountain, located to the left of the screen. They reported that the 2 UFO's they saw, also rose straight up, silently, and zig-zagged while going up until they were out of site. I thought to myself, 'I have to call the Base and tell someone!' But I didn't have any idea as to who to call. We all talked about it the next day. I called a friend, who now lives in N. Carolina, after 25 years and he still remembered the incident.((NUFORC Note: Date of incident may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. PD))

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