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Medicine Bow, WY

Sighted on Sunday 07. August 2005
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Shape: Light | Duration: 34 minutes

Shimmering light ,similar to northern lights, accompanied by spotlights moving fast in WyomingWhile driving Southbound on Hwy 287 at 3:34 a.m. in early August 2005 I saw what seemed to be the Aurora Borealis to my left (East). Thinking it odd that the northern lights would be in the east-- during the summer-- I pulled off the road, turned off my headlights and rolled down my car window. I observed a shimmering light that was behind some low cloud cover. The shimmering was similar to the way sunlight filters through clouds in distinct rays-- or sun rays at sunset when they are distinct and moving. The light shimmered from right to left and another layer from left to right simultaneously. Then, what looked like a search-light moved across the clouds from right to left,hesitated, jerked back, went above the clouds, moved from left to right above, and then repeated the movement under the clouds. I could not discern whether the light was touching the ground or just the clouds. I listened for aircraft but only heard insects. I then continued driving south on 287-- stopping occasionally to attempt to understand what I was seeing. Although I was moving fast, the lights were still on my left as if they had also moved at 80 mph. I stopped, looked, and they came closer. I thought maybe there was a search for a missing person and they might think my turned off headlights were suspicious. Then there were two searchlights in front of the shimmering background. Then there were three and one came close enough to me that I could see the source of the light better. It was round. (sorry). I became really frightened and confused by it all and sped into town. The next day I traveled 287 northbound along the same stretch. I looked for evidence of three towers, an airport, something, but there was neither a road nor electric access in the area. I'm not a ufo ish person but I had my finger on a speed dial to my family just in case. Does anyone know what that was? ,p h Location: Between 60 miles north of Medicine Bow and 15 miles north of M B WY Date: August 7, 2005, Sunday morning at 3:34 a. m.

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