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Fredrikstad (Norway)

Sighted on Tuesday 22. April 2003
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 15-20 sec.

Cigar/bus shaped object moving across 90 deg. from me, no sound, slow moving, flashlighted on me, faded outI was talking with my neighbor,it was almost 11 pm it was dark outside, and all of a sudden i got kinda "blinded" or rather my eyes got attracted upwards to the sky, and what did i see??? Something flying low in one straigt path not very far away, shape was like a bus/cigar or a corn, 10-15 feet long, lighted up straight to me like a ferry with lights on in night , no sound, very low passing, not like a satelite i know how they look like. Very bright light actually and i was seeing it from the side, it came from north to south. I told my neighbour to look at it, and i said "that has to be a UFO" but he had to climb up on his fence to manage to see it cause he was standing on the ground, i was up on my porch. While he was climbing up on his fence the object started to fade out. He didnt reach seeing it before it faded out, had probs getting up on his fence to see over his outhouse. I have a feeling that it was aiming at me with the lights cause my neighbour was looking at that direction it came. Appearently it was over him when it lighted up, like it was only ment for me to see it. This is not a story i made up, it actually happened, i have seen many strange things on the sky since, but in higher altitudes, like blinking fast moving "satelites", never seen that b4 lol, even my brother saw that one with me on my porch. I will never forget this, cause it was the day b4 my daughter where born.I tell u we are not alone, that would be pretty naive! I asked myself this question at once: What appear so close but do not have any sound and suddenly throw a huge wide amount of lights from its side against me and fades black again while passing in aprox.100 mph?????? Not a plane, im very sure. My neighbour said: "weird" sad i didnt reach to see it all lighted up"

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