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Thulba (Germany)

Sighted on Saturday 24. May 2008
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Shape: Light | Duration: 05/24/2008

Group of 20 German citizens witness peculiar cluster of 10 red lights in night sky.On Saturday night in Thulba Germany, 24 May 2008, we saw 10 bright Red/Orange lights in the, floating in three perfect V formation with one trailing light. They were moving westerly and totally silent. They then shifted to the north, and each V formation seem to dim out one by one, then the last trailing light followed and eventually went out also.I was with about 20 Germans, who all saw the same thing as I, and none of them believe it was anything but Balloons. I do not believe you can put balloons in the night sky like that and they stay in perfect formation as they float away. I am convinced, they were not balloons, nowhere on the web can I find a company that sells something like that.If I could sell that, I could be rich!!! What do you think?

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