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Republic, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 22. April 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

on 4/22/2012 i was driving down lambert creek aound milepost 1 heading towards hwy 21. i looked up in the sky and saw a bright ball of light slowing moving towards the south east direction. the object i saw was well within the atomosphere nothing like a satelite or known crafts i have seen in the area. as the object moved it was unsteady almost like a weaving motion. i stopped my vehicle and got out and attempted to signal the craft with my laser illuminator right as it was directly above me. i notified my parter on the radio who also oberserved the craft heading southeast. as i was siganllly the craft when it was overhead before i lost sight of it becaseu of the treeline to my south. the craft dimmed its lights down. i thought it was the last i would see of it so i got back in my vehicle and turned onto hwy 21 heading south towards republic. as i was driving south i looked out the drivers side window looking east and observed the bright light heading directly south almost like it was parralleling my vehicle. i notified my parter who also this on the other side of curlew lake. i then slowed my vehicle down and stopped to get a better look. as i stopped the craft dimmed its light down and turned around like making a u turn in the sky and began heading in the north west direction. my partner also observed the craft heading north until he lost sight of it.if someone from mufon wants more information i would be happy to share.

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