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Munich, Bayern (Germany)

Sighted on Sunday 26. July 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Flash, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

I am hesitant to explain the full sighting , hoping to corroborate the account.But... As if it were a huge light showe projection - hanging in the air and refracting slightly through the clouds. A clockwork. 11 pointed (hash marked) "clockface" which blinked, point to point (counterclockwise) then would radiate outward as if each point were a laser-like light shooting outward to all ends of the entire sky. Then would radiate down again and again from the same , distant central point in the sky. It lasted over one hald hour as I walked home and took position on an upper floor of a house on a steep hill so it appeared from that angle to hover and could be seen from a slight sideways view- producing a slight oval instead of its perfect circular clock face. Over and over again flashing its rays outward after having "dialed" its counterclockwise blinking pattern. Bright light- almost blinding but darkkening also into bright greens and blues then when it flashed it was briefly red and orange on the edges of the rays.Later it hopvered off, and finally did get smaller as it hovered away into the distance- still shooting forth rays in all 360��� from the circular clockface.I am intentionall leaving out one or two details- seeking uncontrovertible coroboration from some other source.I am trying to contact satalite engineers to see if it was some kind of skanner from above, but based on the improbability that such a skanner could penetrate clouds and seem to be suspended in the thin and thick air- and to be so, so bright.It was 3 (AM) but I am still astonished that no other reports came from this long, intesively lighted sighting could be found in any news account. This region is rural but , as most of Germany, densely populated .It was July 26, 2009- Nothing, absolutely nothing about this sighting seemed rigged or man-made in any way.My feelings? OK- yes I was a bit tired from a long work night, but sober and clear headed. I was awe-struck and could not later sleep a wink.I was not afraid but I had the odd perception of focused, alert, well-being.I was at the time certain that someone else had seen it.

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