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Potsdam (Tupper Lake), NY

Sighted on Friday 13. December 2013
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration:

Early December, 2013, I saw two UFOs in the low south-eastern sky while in Potsdam, NY. I’m a big airplane enthusiast and very interested in astronomy, so I always have my eyes on the sky no matter what time of day. This was around 6pm, against and completely black sky. I was walking across campus and saw two extremely bright orange lights. They were right next to each other and at an angle. For a small moment, my gut told me it was a plane with bright lights on the tips of its wings that was banking hard. I took a step back from behind the tree that was now blocking my view to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I saw the two golden orange orbs moving slowly, in separate directions. I watched them for about 3 seconds before the lights faded out right before my eyes. One of them faded slightly before the other, and both were moving in slightly different directions. I noticed there was no sound at all, and if it was the plane I thought initially, I would have heard so! mething. The plane would have been a few hundred feet in front of me, and there would have been sound. Like I said, I’m always looking to the sky. I know what satellites look like. I know what the space station looks like. I know what Venus looks like. Two golden orbs, moving slowly, fade away to nothing.Here’s where it gets weird for me. Yesterday was December 13, 2013. My friend and I were making our trip from Potsdam, NY to Albany, NY. An hour south east of Potsdam is a town called Tupper Lake. When we got to Tupper Lake, the sun had just gone down, and the sky had a pinkish blue tint to it. I turned to the left to see two golden orange orbs in the east. They were the exact lights I had seen in Potsdam weeks earlier. This time, they appeared to be almost directly over us, and about 300 feet apart from each other. These were the same lights, and in the same place. The first lights I saw in Potsdam were right over Tupper Lake because it was in the South Eastern sky. I started yelling to my friend in the passenger seat to look at the lights! He was looking at the street lights, car lights, lights from the mall…he didn’t see the orbs in the 3 seconds that I saw them. Just as before, the lights were there for 3 seconds, then faded out while moving slowly in different directi! ons.Later in the drive, we would observe what I KNOW was Venus fading in and out. It was extremely bright((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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