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Hattiesburg, Mississippi (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 10. June 2015
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 00:02:00

Me and my friend was sitting outside smoking a cigarette and something caught my eye and when I looked up my heart almost stopped there it was above my house and trees. It was huge ive seen things on tv and they say football size well I believe it now cause that's how big it was. It was HUGE and the whole entire thing was bright green kinda blue green and it was kinda just sitting there and we couldn't take our eyes off of it and for a about a minute and then it slowly took off and we couldn't tell where it went it just vanished. But it made no noise and the entire thing was glowing bright but it didn't throw off light if u didn't look up and notice a huge bright green circle almost below the tree tops u wouldn't have known it was there u couldn't hear it and to be that low it blew our minds. When it took off I was literally shacking almost in tears and felt sick to stomach. I watch the sky every night now I have seen several things in the sky but this wasn't really in sky it was so low. It was amazing and I promise I will be watching and waiting for another chance to see such a wonderful and amazing thing. And I called police dept.and told them and next night there was several planes in the sky around my house.i hope everybody on here believes me cause it was really amazing and really changed my life for real. I would love to hear from somebody and at least hear something besides your crazy cause I'm not I KNOW WHAT I SEEN...

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Hattiesburg, Mississippi (United States) 2015-01-19 Fireball Undisclosed
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Foxworth, MS 2014-05-08 Triangle 6 minutes
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Franklinton, Louisiana (United States) 2014-02-28 Square, Rectangular 00:00:05
Laurel, Mississippi (United States) 2014-02-08 Circle 15 Minutes
Ellisville, MS 2014-01-23 Triangle 2 minutes
Petal, Mississippi (United States) 2014-01-20 Blimp, Disc, Unknown Undisclosed
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Hattiesburg, Mississippi (United States) 2014-01-19 Diamond, Star-like Undisclosed
Hattiesburg/Columbia (between), MS 2014-01-07 Circle 3-4 seconds
Bush, LA 2013-12-31 Light 4-8 minutes
Wiggins, Mississippi (United States) 2013-12-12 Circle, Fireball, Flash, Star-like 00:01:03
Petal, MS 2013-12-12 Light 12 minutes
Carriere, Mississippi (United States) 2013-11-19 Other Undisclosed
Seminary, MS 2013-08-14 Triangle 5 minutes
Highway 59 between Laurel and Hattiesburg, MS (United States) 2013-07-23 disc 2 seconds
Laurel/Hattiesburg (between), MS 2013-07-23 Disk 2 seconds
Franklinton, Louisiana (United States) 2013-07-04 Disc Undisclosed
Hattiesburg, MS 2013-06-04 Flash 10 minutes
Hattiesburg, MS 2013-05-25 Fireball 20 seconds
Picayune, Mississippi (United States) 2013-04-13 Circle, Triangle 00:00:03
Hattiesburg, MS 2013-04-08 Triangle ufo
Perkinston, Mississippi (United States) 2013-03-12 Blimp, Oval Undisclosed
Saucier, MS 2013-02-07 Diamond 30 minutes
Kiln, Mississippi (United States) 2012-11-17 Unknown 00:03:30
Hattiesburg, MS 2012-11-12 Circle 20-30 seconds
Bogalusa, LA 2012-11-08 Disk 45 seconds
Laurel, MS 2012-08-30 Unknown 10 minutes
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Louin, Mississippi (United States) 2012-06-05 Unknown Undisclosed
Louin, Mississippi (United States) 2012-05-29 Circle, Disc, Fireball, Star-like, Triangle Undisclosed
Tylertown, MS 2012-04-25 Oval 15min
Bogalusa, LA 2012-01-01 Unknown 15 min
Ellisville, MS 2011-10-14 Unknown 15 min
Hattiesburg, Mississippi (United States) 2011-10-01 Chevron Undisclosed
Sumrall, MS 2011-08-18 Other 3 hrs
Collins/Prentis, MS 2011-08-12 Light 3 hours
Seminary, MS 2011-06-24 Circle 10 min
Hattiesburg, Mississippi (United States) 2011-06-12 Square, Rectagular, Triangle, Unknown 02:25:15
Picayune, MS 2010-09-14 Light 3 seconds