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Bluefield, West Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 28. June 2015
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

First observed at 8:30pm stationary in the night sky to the northwest of my location. The solid white lights formed the 3 points of a triangle at first. The faint outline of a structure between the points was barely visible. As I continued to watch the lights at the points of the triangle all turned off, the point at first, and then the others in sequence. The object then proceeded to move slowly to the northwest without sound. There appeared to be at one point a large dark hole in the center of the object. I observed it for in excess of 45 minutes as it slowly moved away. As it moved away, a second, larger, similarly triangular object was observed, remaining stationary, to the northeast. I continued to observe it for an additional 30 minutes, during which it never moved. The lights on this object blinked alternately red to white and back with a blue light every 3rd or 4th pulse. It appeared to be up to 15 times larger than the first object observed. Digital photographs were taken, but nothing appears on the lcd screen. I will have them developed and see if anything is on them.

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