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Three Hills, Alberta (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. July 2015
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I was driving from Three Hills Alberta to Calgary Alberta. I was on a rural highway and my speed was about 60mph. At the moment I saw the object I was about 5 miles from Three Hills traveling South.I was relaxed and listening to the radio. I felt heat or pressure or maybe a shadow caught my attention and I turned me head to the left and that is when I saw the object. It was a sphere flat black or Teflon like looking and moving fast from East to West and it appeared to be descending. It was large, I compared it to a small house and there was a glowing sun or reflection on it on the area facing south east. It looked like a small pulsing sun! I only had a brief moment to see and experience this. I tried to talk myself out of seeing it but it was real I saw it. That night I had what felt like a high fever but my temperature was normal. I had a sore throat for a couple of days and drank water constantly.About two weeks after this sighting I met a truck driver who has been driving a route out in that area for over twenty years. Without telling him what I saw I asked him if he ever saw anything unusual during his drives. Without hesitation this was his answer" I have not seen anything out of the ordinary for twenty years until this January[2015]. Since January I have seen "black suburban's like the the FBI have or like the TV show CSI, I have seen hundreds of them since January" I then told him what I saw. He said he believed me because of what he was seeing.that's itBW

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Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2015-07-01 Star-like Undisclosed
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Blackfalds, Alberta (Canada) 2015-06-25 Sphere 00:06:07
Olds (Canada), AB 2015-06-07 Triangle 10 seconds
Calgary (Canada), AB 2015-05-19 Light 30 seconds
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2015-05-09 Oval Undisclosed
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2015-04-27 Triangle 00:00:03
Airdrie, Alberta (Canada) 2015-04-27 Oval Undisclosed
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2015-04-21 Circular 3 min
Calgary, AB 2015-04-08 Light maybe 20 seconds
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2015-04-03 Triangle Undisclosed
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-12-31 Light 3 minutes
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Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-08-22 Light 6 seconds
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2014-08-09 Unknown 00:05:00
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-08-01 Triangle 5 seconds
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-08-01 Triangle 5 seconds
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-08-01 Triangle 5 seconds
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-08-01 Triangle 5 seconds
Irricana (Canada), AB 2014-07-29 Light 2-4 seconds
Irricana (Canada), AB 2014-07-29 Light 2-4 seconds
Olds (Canada), AB 2014-07-22 Fireball 20-25 seconds
Olds (Canada), AB 2014-07-22 Fireball 20-25 seconds
Airdrie, Alberta (Canada) 2014-06-15 Sphere Undisclosed
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) 2014-06-15 Disc 00:00:30
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-06-09 Rectangle 30 seconds
Calgary (Canada), AB 2014-06-09 Rectangle 30 seconds