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Elverum, Hedmark (Norway)

Sighted on Wednesday 14. October 2015
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I was outside my home walking the dogs with my mom. We were looking at the stars when my mom pointed at something and said "Look". I looked up where my mom pointed and saw something that looked like a star moving across the sky at a high speed. It changed direction often but it seemed like they/it knew where it was heading. My family believe that there are someone else out there so I thought that it was something from somewhere else in the universe straight away. I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation like a comet or something but things like that does not move the way this object did. Neither my mom or I reacted or felt a special way, I felt normal. I just was facinated and wondered what it was. My mom was neutral, she did not care that much since she was not that surprised, she just said "Well you know, I believe that there are others out there, It is not a surprise"We did not really loose sight of the object, we just had to continue the walk with the dogs. But I saw that it was flying further away. I would have stayed longer to watch it but I had to follow my mom.

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