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Camdenton, MO

Sighted on Wednesday 27. January 2016
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Shape: Cone | Duration: 3+ hours

Brightly lit cone shaped object remained hours in same location making no sound.Just at dusk I was heading in from chores. I noticed a very unusual object high in the sky to the southeast of my home. It appeared to be a cone shaped object with bright red, blue and clear lights on it. It appeared that the lights were blinking or revolving. The object was stationary as I studied it in relation to the tree limbs.I first told my wife, who came out to observe it as well. At 18:13 I placed a call to the Camden Co. Sheriff's Dept. and reported it. A few minutes later, I called a friend from Lebanon, MO. He went searched the sky, but could not see anything. He stated he had seen something similar several times from his previous address, appearing to be over the Ft. Leonard Wood Area.I could not locate my field glasses to get a better look. However, I took my rifle out and viewed it through the scope. Even at the distance it was away from me, the shape appeared to be cone shaped. This way of viewing, it appeared to be spinning slowly, making the multi-colored lights appear to be blinking. I did not hear any sound, even though I heard several jets pass by while viewing it.I returned outside at 21:00, observing it was still in the same place and still looks the same. I hope others observed this and can explain what it was.((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we suspect?? PD))

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