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Manning Park, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 08. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Teardrop | Duration: Undisclosed

It was a very strange event...static electricity seemed to be everywhere, but there was no source. The craft was solid, real and produced no noise, but it was just like the photo...a top shaped craft, hovering behind a tree...this is not my fist encounter with something strange. The ship was watching, and was close enough to get a clear photograph. It was near the top a B.C. evergreen, about a 200 foot tree, and causing all kinds of weird electrical/static effects in the area.i saw the ufo and got a photo, then it left. When looking at photo, there were all sizes of orbs in the area, and some that had geometrical patterns inside...Also, one had definite shapes inside, images that when zoomed in looked like building.The circle is across from the UFO, and is in the branches of the tree...about in the middle of the picture, an inch or so from the edge. It needs to be zoomed in on to see the images, which look like buildings with windows and doors where they would normally be.The orbs were almost more startling that the UFO itself, as they are very strange, different sizes, and some have elaborate geometrical shapes. Also, it was a hot night, with no clouds...the moon is visible, but around the area of the trees near the ship, you cannot see any stars. I played with the contrast settings and got some odd effects, things that showed the horizon, but also showed these orbs below the tree line in the distance. I include the original photo, so play with zoom and contrast to see the strange objects, and photos that show the UFO clearly. I snapped the photo with the flash on, but the craft didn't move...it seemed like it was watching me. I also had weird dreams, all about the energy sources I think about all the time involving harnessing atomic engines/turbines on the nano scale. I saw a perfect engine that would do everything I pictured, but I'm not an engineer, and have no way build one.

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