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Glenwood, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Friday 12. August 2016
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 00:05:00

My Family and I are on vacation, and I'm writing this just after witnessing a very strange light that flew slowly over us after we started heading back to our hotel room for the night, we were playing at the school's playground with our two little kids and it was getting dark. There was a beautiful pink sunset and we were looking at Mt. Adams, pointing out contrails over the mountain in the sunset. Only a few stars were starting to show since the sun had set, and from where we were standing looking up a light appeared and was flying pretty steadily, soundless, no contrail, no blinky lights, not shaped like a helicopter or an airplane, and it was as bright as maybe 5 bright stars put together. We didn't really have any clouds in the sky because its a hot summer night and I'm pretty sure it isn't a satellite or the space station because of it's brightness. We had our camera to take pictures of the kids and we started to take a few photos and see if anything would show because it was getting darker. I uploaded them and zoomed into a few of them. One of the pictures is very odd looking. I bet if somebody could alter the raw pictures they might be able to notice something better than I can. I did notice in a few of the pictures reddish glow around one side of the object, purple, and blue. I only saw bright whiteish yellow with the naked eye. This thing flew directly above our heads maybe a few miles up? Not sure on the distance. We watched it for a good 5 mins and then it kept flying and went behind trees, we followed to see it some more but after we came to the other side we didn't see it flying anymore. We have the moon in a few of the pictures for size reference. I zoomed in on the first picture and it looks really weird, if you zoom in on them all and I have more to submit they are all different. This is strange and I'd like to know if anyone else knows what this is.

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