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Hartsville, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 24. November 2016
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Shape: Egg | Duration: 00:05:00

11-24-2016 thanksgiving time stamp on photo is 5:37pm hartsville, sc watched 2 ufo's (couldn't identify/have never seen anything like them) the first initially looked like it might be a helicopter, it had something like a headlight, just one, and it was slower moving than an airplane. as it got closer, i noticed that i couldn't hear it, yet it was close enough that i would have heard the blades. it started to curve away, and several small lights kind of blinked in a circular pattern, and then went dark. the second craft was a couple hundred yards behind, and had the same appearance of a headlight. i ran inside to get a camera; the second craft was now "dark" and just above the trees, heading away. there was no sound, no wings, no tail, no blades, just kind of a dark spherical shape. no port or starboard lights. (no navigation lights) it was not dark; however, parking lot lights at the church below had turned on. (lakeview baptist) from the driveway, facing the church, which i believe is west. they came from the direction of the power plant. guessing they were about 175-200 yards away at their closest point. i got just the one picture. taken from the back yard, my neighbor’s security light can be seen in the bottom left corner. can't identify, even in the cropped picture, does not resemble either airplane or helicopter. they followed the same path. does not appear to be like any aircraft i have ever seen. this covered a couple of minutes in time, and they were not moving as quickly as other aircraft i might normally see in the same air space.

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