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Lyndhurst , Ohio

Sighted on Wednesday 17. May 2017
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Shape: Lights, speed. Maneuver | Duration: Half hour

I had an encounter years ago maybe now 20 years ago in Northeast Ohio. I was raising my children, day to day then had a brief encounter, I would say it was dimensional. I was in my home the being came into my home. I was petrified, did not move but I knew I was awake I could hear my dog barking outside and had enough sense to check that I was awake and not dreaming. The being was able to come into my home easy I only noticed a blue beam in the backyard where the dog was barking. The being did not audibly talk to me the being was very telepathic and spoke to me without words in English telling me simply after a kiss on the forehead or the being bent down put his mouth or head on my forehead and told me I or We love you. Basically telling me not to fear I would not be harmed.Now that was 20 years ago and I still think of this, it was real, it happened, before that time years earlier I saw a space craft blinking across my field of vision as I stood outside waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up....thought it was just a plane my eyes on it because I was a teen nothing else to do while standing there then as it went across my field of vision high in the night sky when it got way right...it stopped and stood in the sky then took a fast deep right angle down the a fast left angle up and it went zooming no into the skies...well no plane or helicopter or blimp could do this. I am straight n rather sensible like news shows that type not into science fiction, I know what I saw and experienced...the encounter now I thought about all those years still thinking about it but I test myself as from that encounter I was given the ability to "know" certain things and things I guess others do not know. I just wait for these things to be verified. But the world and leaders and governments are very slow and hold on to what they know. It is not the alien visitor, planetary/dimensional WE on Earth Have to worry about. They are VERY intelligent compared to us. We keep tripping on our own shoe laces. The aliens have no sense of humor but no violent hostilities towards us just more matter of fact and I want to say....observing interest. The governments have been given information that they have researched and used in aviation already. The Antartica region was/is a base used because of the natural resources under the ice and because NO one goes there privacy at the max the Aliens do not worry about the climate. BUT....world religious leaders were summoned and told and brief right along with other governments that had strong military and space programs. WE are all on the same page about this because WE are all in the same situation. The exterrestrqals dimensional visitors do not favor anyone. The acknowledge science the most in what we are barely trying to accomplish with the limited information we have been given and have discovered over the years. We the people are not told by any government....yet....because of panic as we Earth people citizens are the superior ones in this story. Our World Is a mess with 3/4 population in poverty and uneducated. Really nothing to offer the visitors except keep out of their way. There are resources that they are interested in and we are considered an extra base. We have just one possibility compared to theirs they are much more in touch with the outer regions and dimensions possibilities than us. It is hard to know that we are not the smartest kid on the block. They have add so much more time. Btw those in the sciences will know I know but...️▪️🌎When NASA scientist show up then I will know what know,.....ready.


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