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Fairmont, West Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 29. June 2017
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:10:00

I am a formed law enforcement official (retired) and former military with service in usmc air wing vmcj-1, vmcj-2, vmcj-3. at about 0415 hours on 6/29/2017 i went outside with my dog on a leash to let him get his morning bathroom break. the temperature was 55 degrees fahrenheit, the sky was clear and stars were visible, very few clouds in the sky. while standing at the end of my driveway i looked up at the sky and stars. i noticed a quite unusual sight in the east-southeast portion of the sky. there were four cloud like spherical shapes in a perfect rectangle with the cloud spheres positioned at the four corners of the formed rectangle. i thought this to be most unusual...I watched for a short time and thought that i should go back inside and get my cell phone to see if i could get a photo of this but i just stood there observing these spheres when suddenly just below the 4 cloud like spheres four star bright points of light appeared in a perfect rectangle..The points of light were visible for about 10-15 seconds and the light went out and 4 additional cloud like spheres appeared in their place. now there were eight cloud like spheres each in a perfect rectangle shape. very strange. i continued to watch and noted that the cloud like spheres were starting to fade away after about thirty to forty seconds. strange because the original four cloud like spheres held their shape for several minutes without fading away. it was only after the second set of spheres appeared that all eight spheres faded away at the same rate. the objects appeared at about 60 degrees above horizon and about 12 degrees se of due east. perhaps nothing but it was so unusual that i took the time to document this for you in case you have had similar reports. i was back inside my house at 0436 hours so this observation occurred between 0415-0436 hours 29 june 2017. the size of the spherical clouds can best be described as softball to cantaloupe in distant sky.

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