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Smithville/Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:01:30

Driving a rural route road,during daylight hours, on the escarpment near hamilton and smithville ontario heading north towards the direction of lake ontario; farm fields on both sides of the road; approximate speed of car 80 kilometres per hour, i experienced on the west side of me an object passing by at unknown speeds. the object was approximately 500, to 700 ' away at a very low attitude ( drivers side) flying at the height of what i would say to be as high of what large pine trees stand as trees are to the west of my encounter (i used the trees as my gauge for how far off the ground the object was)perhaps 60' to 80' off the ground. i don't think it was a jet or a small aircraft as i heard no noise. the shape was also different. the physical characteristics were not the same. the speed at which it went could not be determined, but it made me feel as though i had been driving backwards. it flew a straight northern flight path towards the direction of fifty road and then slowed down to eventually look as though it stood still and hovered for a second, then ascended upward with great speed (vertically after hovering). keeping in mind i was of a distance from it after it passed me....The object appeared to be disc like with a shiny pewter like or lead like finish having reflective qualities; the top of the fuselage may have been a slightly different material as it seemed a bit lighter . as it slowed and prior to ascending (after what appeared a slight hover) i noticed a raised area with a flat surface centre of the top portion of the craft. the bottom portion of the craft was of similar design. i wasn't able to determine what it was. i have never encountered any such thing as this before....Flying by so quickly in a horizontal flight pattern, then slowing, very low, no noise heard, then almost appearing as though it stopped, then ascending upward and into a vertical flight path disappearing where i lost sight of it. i'm very baffled.

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