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Kansas City, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:03:00

Was sitting on my neighbors porch when she pointed and said "what is that?" cylindrical object larger and possibly lower flying than a plane. red flames seemed to emit from the tail end. it seemed to move from ne to sw, was obscured by trees. my neighbor claims to have seen it hover in 1 spot, then it disappeared and i never saw it again. got my phone out to record it, but it disappeared before i could.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Gladstone, Missouri (United States) 2017-07-14 Disc 00:00:30
Raytown, Missouri (United States) 2017-07-01 Teardrop 00:10:00
Independence, MO, United States 2017-06-28 Starry Light/ Changes Shape Up to 2hrs.
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2017-06-20 Triangle
Blue Springs, Missouri (United States) 2017-06-19 Disc 00:02:00
Blue Springs, Missouri (United States) 2017-06-14 Triangle 02:00:00
Independence, MO (United States) 2017-06-10 Starlike 2 hours
Archie, Missouri (United States) 2017-05-20 Unknown 00:01:10
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2017-05-07 Sphere 00:02:21
Lansing, Kansas (United States) 2017-05-06 Sphere 00:04:00
Lawrence, Kansas (United States) 2017-05-04 Star-like 00:01:00
Basehor, Kansas (United States) 2017-02-21 Star-like 02:20:00
Savannah, Missouri (United States) 2017-02-10 Teardrop 00:04:00
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2017-02-03 Sphere 00:05:00
Independence, Missouri (United States) 2017-01-30 Sphere 00:01:00
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2017-01-30 Sphere 00:10:00
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2016-12-19 Sphere 00:00:20
Kansas City, Kansas (United States) 2016-12-08 Boomerang 00:00:15
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2016-11-12 Sphere 00:38:10
Lawrence, Kansas (United States) 2016-11-10 Cylinder 00:05:00
Independence, Missouri (United States) 2016-11-09 Diamond 01:30:00
Grandview, Missouri (United States) 2016-11-04 Chevron 00:01:00
Overland Park, Kansas (United States) 2016-10-24 Boomerang 00:00:14
Grantville, Kansas (United States) 2016-10-22 Other 00:00:05
Hamilton, MO (United States) 2016-10-15 Round ??
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2016-10-15 Square, Rectangular 00:03:06
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2016-09-26 Sphere 00:03:00
Overland Park, Kansas (United States) 2016-09-03 Triangle
Blue Springs, Missouri (United States) 2016-09-01 Star-like 00:03:00
Overland Park, Kansas (United States) 2016-08-27 Star-like 00:10:00
Gladstone, Missouri (United States) 2016-08-20 Boomerang 00:02:00
Raymore, Missouri (United States) 2016-07-26 Triangle 00:00:05
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2016-07-21 Oval 00:00:01
Raytown, Missouri (United States) 2016-07-20 Sphere 00:00:03
Gardner, Kansas (United States) 2016-07-10 Sphere 00:25:00
Lawson, Missouri (United States) 2016-07-09 Unknown 00:00:02
Gladstone, MO (United States) 2016-07-05 orange round globes with almost jelly fish doted lines bloomed behind one 2-3 min
Shawnee Town, Missouri (United States) 2016-07-02 Sphere Undisclosed
Kansas City, Kansas (United States) 2016-06-20 Other Undisclosed
Topeka, Kansas (United States) 2016-06-16 Blimp 11:15:12
Kansas City, MO (United States) 2016-06-13 lights 1-2 seconds
Olathe, Kansas (United States) 2016-06-07 Other
Amsterdam, Missouri (United States) 2016-05-29 Other Undisclosed
Concordia, Missouri (United States) 2016-05-19 N, A 00:02:00
Prairie Village, Kansas (United States) 2016-04-23 Sphere Undisclosed
Bates City, Missouri (United States) 2016-03-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Independence, Missouri (United States) 2016-03-04 Triangle Undisclosed
Overland Park, Kansas (United States) 2016-02-28 Sphere Undisclosed
Topeka, Kansas (United States) 2016-02-15 Star-like 03:00:00
Raytown, Missouri (United States) 2016-02-10 Cylinder Undisclosed
Shawnee, Kansas (United States) 2016-01-28 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Liberty, Missouri (United States) 2016-01-12 Star-like 00:03:00
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2016-01-10 Other Undisclosed
Warrensburg, MO 2016-01-04 Circle 1 hour
Mooresville, Missouri (United States) 2016-01-01 Unknown Undisclosed
Liberty, Missouri (United States) 2015-12-31 Circle 00:02:00
Lee's Summit, MO 2015-12-30 Sphere 10-15 seconds
Valley Falls, KS 2015-12-10 Triangle 30 seconds
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-12-08 Cylinder Undisclosed
Kansas City, Kansas (United States) 2015-12-03 Sphere Undisclosed
Kansas City, Kansas (United States) 2015-12-03 Other 00:00:01
Rayville, Missouri (United States) 2015-12-02 Disc Undisclosed
Saint Joseph, Missouri (United States) 2015-11-19 Cigar 00:00:10
Lawson, Missouri (United States) 2015-11-19 Triangle Undisclosed
St. Joseph, MO 2015-11-19 Cigar 5 seconds +
Shawnee, KS 2015-11-09 Light 20 minutes
Olathe, KS 2015-11-07 Circle 2 minutes
Eudora, KS 2015-11-02 Light 5-10 minutes
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-10 Sphere 00:10:00
Belton, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-07 Triangle 00:00:50
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-07 Circle Undisclosed
Saint Joseph, MO 2015-10-02 Oval 6 minutes
Urich, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-01 Sphere Undisclosed
Lawrence, Kansas (United States) 2015-09-27 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Overland Park, KS 2015-09-26 Cigar 30 minutes
Lees Summit, MO 2015-09-26 Light 1 hour
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2015-09-19 Sphere 00:00:30
Lee's Summit, Missouri (United States) 2015-09-19 Bullet, Missile 00:04:00
Lenexa, Kansas (United States) 2015-09-18 Triangle Undisclosed
Lane, Kansas (United States) 2015-09-17 Cylinder Undisclosed
Olathe, KS 2015-09-16 Light 6 minutes
Lawrence, Kansas (United States) 2015-09-08 Sphere Undisclosed
Lawrence, KS 2015-09-06 Light 4-5 seconds
Kearney, Missouri (United States) 2015-09-01 Diamond Undisclosed
Liberty, MO 2015-08-25 Fireball 45 seconds
Gardner, Kansas (United States) 2015-08-19 Star-like Undisclosed
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-14 Other Undisclosed
Liberty, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-14 Unknown Undisclosed
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-14 Triangle 00:00:10
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-10 Disc 02:00:00
Lenexa, Kansas (United States) 2015-08-05 Disc Undisclosed
Lees Summit, MO 2015-08-02 Triangle 5 minutes
Kearney, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-01 Other 00:10:00
Kansas City, Kansas (United States) 2015-07-29 Boomerang 00:15:00
Gladstone, Missouri (United States) 2015-07-28 Sphere Undisclosed
Roeland Park, Kansas (United States) 2015-07-22 Sphere Undisclosed
Kansas City, KS 2015-07-22 Diamond 2-3 minutes
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2015-07-21 Circle Undisclosed
Lee's Summit, MO 2015-07-19 Light 5 minutes