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Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 00:00:02

My friends and i were taking a vacation down at virginia beach and one of is those night we were down by the pool. i was sitting on the side just looking into the sky and out of no where over my left shoulder a ball of light appeared and started ascending into the sky in the direction of the moon then suddenly disappeared. i stood up and was freaking out and one of my other friends that was swimming got out of the pool and swore that he saw the exact same thing. we spent the rest of the night researching what happened and we found out that a year ago from hat day ufo sightings had been reported a virginia beach.

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Portsmouth, VA 2015-11-14 Triangle 8 minutes
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Hampton, VA 2015-07-25 Light 25 minutes
Newport News/Hampton, VA 2015-07-21 Triangle 20 minutes
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States) 2015-07-14 Sphere Undisclosed
Virginia Beach, VA 2015-07-12 Fireball 3 minutes
Hampton, VA 2015-07-11 Light 1 minute
Hampton, VA 2015-07-11 Fireball 2 seconds
Chesapeake, VA 2015-07-04 Light ~70 minutes
Kill Devil Hills, NC 2015-06-10 Circle 1 hour
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States) 2015-05-30 Sphere Undisclosed
Exmore, Virginia (United States) 2015-05-15 Disc Undisclosed
Kitty Hawk, NC 2015-05-10 Other 2 days
Norfolk, VA 2015-05-09 Circle 5 minutes
Portsmouth, VA 2015-04-12 Fireball 10 minutes
Portsmouth, VA 2015-04-12 Circle 90 seconds
Gloucestet, VA 2015-04-07 Light 45 seconds
Suffolk, Virginia (United States) 2015-03-31 Disc Undisclosed
Norfolk, VA 2015-03-18 Formation 12 seconds
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States) 2015-03-13 Disc Undisclosed
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States) 2015-03-09 Circle Undisclosed
Portsmouth, VA 2015-02-28 Light Current
Portsmouth, VA 2015-02-28 Light 4 hours
Newport News, VA 2015-02-24 Fireball 10 seconds
Quinby, VA 2015-02-11 Light 1 minute
Portsmouth, VA 2015-02-11 Light not sure
Moyock, North Carolina (United States) 2015-02-05 Couldnt make out a shape. Was In vehicle. 6 or 7 seconds
Virginia Beach, VA 2015-02-03 Other 20 minutes
Chesapeake, VA 2015-01-31 Triangle 5 minutes
Courtland, VA 2015-01-28 Triangle 30 seconds
Virginia Beach, VA 2015-01-01 Disk 20 minutes
Virginia Beach, VA 2014-12-25 Fireball 3 minutes
Portsmouth, VA 2014-12-17 Oval 3 minutes
Chesapeake, VA 2014-12-14 Light 30+ minutes
Williamsburg, Virginia (United States) 2014-12-11 Clusters of light 10 minutes
Williamsburg, VA 2014-12-11 Egg 10 minutes