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Carlisle, PA

Sighted on Wednesday 12. July 2017
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 10 minutes

Low silent object with multiple blinking lights followed by bright light over field Last night, at around 10:15PM, my boyfriend and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. We were sitting in a golf cart on the driveway talking. He looked over at me, and saw lights behind my head that weren’t like normal plane lights. When he pointed it out, I turned and looked. What I saw next is hard to explain. The object that was moving in the sky was very large, and no more than 500 feet in the air, and it was silent. A normal plane, at that height, would have been so loud. We were in an open driveway, in a middle of a field, so the night was quiet. We would have heard it if it was a normal plane. This object was so low, and moving slowly. When we noticed planes in the sky later, they seemed to be moving so fast compared to how slowly this object had been moving. The lights themselves were so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. The object looked like a triangle shape, but the sky was dark as I’m assuming the object was as well. But on each side, in the middle, there were blinking lights. They were blinking both red and white. We watched as this object turned, and as it changed direction I saw more lights. Either on the bottom or top of the object there was also a circular pattern of lights, that seemed to be rotating. There were at least 10 lights all together, if not more. We watched for about 5 minutes as this object made its way overhead before disappearing above the tree line. My boyfriend and I were talking, and I was trying to reason with him logically. We’re in Carlisle, PA. There are plenty of military bases around. Carlisle is a huge shipping port. Etc, etc. Then we stood up to go inside. As we got out of the golf cart and turned to enter the house, we saw a light so bright just hovering then, above the field. At this point, I almost couldn’t move. This light also was maybe 500 feet in the air. It hovered in one spot, but not completely still. It seemed to almost dance in the sky. It was only one light I could see. But it was so bright, it had beams coming off of it, almost like it looked like a pinwheel. It was so bright, it made everything else feel dark. I couldn’t even see the tree line in the distance. It didn’t fly away, it didn’t do anything. That is when my boyfriend grabbed my arm and pulled me in the house. He was scared and wanted to go inside, but I couldn’t look away. This experience lasted only maybe 2 minutes in its entirety before I made it into the house. But once I got inside I realized more. This light was also silent, and for how close and bright it was, it would have had to have been making a noise. Even small drones you can hear in the air. But this was completely silent. We went to tell his brother and friends, and when we told them it had just had happened, they ran outside to see if it was still there. Within 5 minutes, by the time we had made it back outside, this light was gone and there were no traces of it. When we walked back outside, the sky was brighter and back to normal. It seemed almost like a different atmosphere outside. This also, is happening at a time when a lot of strange things have been happening to me. I have RH- blood, and joke about being an alien pretty frequently. But, I’ve recently been waking up with strange bruises that are very small (less than half an inch) in diameter, and are in a straight line. I’ve had objects move literally while my back is turned, along with my phone acting strangely. All of this, along with what we saw last night, is starting to add up.

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