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Crestone, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 26. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:05:00

My girlfriend and i were visiting colorado and camped in the great sand dunes national park. after the sun set we were east of the face of the sand dunes located on a path that follows the medano creek. we took the sandy off-road path in the car and pulled off to hike. we got to a point where we stopped to stargaze. looking at the stars for a while and not talking, an object appeared to be moving back and forth above the mountain between two points. the object was not blinking, rather, it was glowing. it was white/off-white*. the object moved very precisely between the two points, it did not waver or turn around. instead, it stopped precisely at one spot, stayed still for a moment or two, then darted back to the other point. this happened four to five times. it then followed the edge of the mountain and disappeared, leaving no trace. my girlfriend and i looked at each other immediately after watching this happen in disbelief to confirm that we both saw it. *the color of the object is the only variable between both of our stories, she says it was the color of a standard star, i thought the color had a pinkish hue. 11:12 pm est 7/27/17 -jg

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