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Covina, California (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 10. August 2017
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:06:00

I went outside to lock my garage. i looked to the east and over the tree line (fairly tall pine, palm and oak trees) saw what i first thought was a small aircraft (cessna, etc.). then i noticed the odd pattern of blinking lights, not like normal green/red wing lights. it was moving slowly in a strange, course-changing manner. i thought it might be a drone, but it seemed (guessing) more than half a mile away, seemed quite high (for a drone). i ran inside, got some binoculars (nikon 10x50) and went back outside. it had moved, but not significantly. seemed to hover several times. through the binoculars i could see several rows of lights which again made me suspect a drone, but it just didn't look like any i've seen. it seemed to have two or three blinking red lights on what might have been the corners of a frame or fuselage (couldn't see), and several rows of smaller white and possibly bluish/white lights between the larger red ones. it seemed to bank or turn and obscure the smaller lights. it began moving farther away and seemed to gain some altitude, though it was beginning to be obscured by the tree line due to the increasing distance. it was moving east and slightly north in an erratic but slow manner (i.E. not a straight path). it changed altitude several times but not radically. the sighting lasted about six or seven minutes.

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