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DeBary, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 16. August 2017
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: 00:01:00

I was standing in my friends driveway, just gazing at the stars in the clear sky, just before i was about to drive back home. i just happened to be staring for a 3-4 seconds between two stars (yet to be identified), trying to identify if they were part of a constellation (the little dipper). these stars were almost directly east, at about 45 degrees above horizon. i then noticed a bright white flash, which appeared to be about as bright as light from a passenger aircraft at about 3000 feet (about the size of an aspirin held out at arms length). but i intuitively doubted that this was the light from an aircraft, because the flash seemed to come out of nowhere, and also there was absolutely no sound on that quiet night. then a couple seconds later the flash occurred in the same spot again, and that time i got the impression that it faded with some rotation. to me, the phenomena appeared very similar to the light which is sourced from rotating airport beacon light. as i told my friend to look in that direction in the sky, about 4 seconds later, it flashed again, in the same spot. then another 2 seconds or so, it flashed once more, and then disappeared. we were astonished trying to guess what it was, and how it disappeared in the clear night sky. we saw plenty of planes that night, and this thing was clearly distinct. it made no sound, did not flash with a quick, regular interval, it just hovered in one spot, and then just vanished.

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