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Wasps Nest, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Sunday 13. August 2017
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 00:08:00

Hello it was about 10.30pm on saturday evening when we finished packing the van with provisions to which we organised for the evening.We had been looking forward to it alot.My partner and me had looked up and researched this meteor shower and was very excited as it claimed to be be the best one we would ever get to see in our lifetime. we decided to go to a nearby picnic area which is a local farming area in the middle of no-where as it would be totally dark there,its on a heath and leads no where.We arrived and got our bedding area set up just away from the parked up van.We had a flask of soup and coffee at the ready.It was partially cloudy and we lied down and nearly straight away we started to see some meteors flying past overhead in a se to nw direction and from ne to sw,it was not much longer after this i would say around midnight that we saw a very noticeable moving bright flickering light travelling northerly in a straight direction. i said to mandie it must be the satellite or the national space station as it takes 1-2 hours or so to come come back again we thought.We noticed it as we could clearly see the stars but this light was larger and brighter and moving!!!! fast .. we did not think anything was odd at that point.We continued to watch and saw around 40 meteors to which was a awesome sight we was thoroughly enjoying the experience. it got to about a hour and 15 mins after the 1st moving light we thought was the satellite and we noticed again in the same flickering movement and brightness and direction another one.Again we noticed it as he stood out moving so fast.It was visible up to the highest cloud cover and then disappear out of sight. 10 to 15 mins later after the second satellite which brought us to around 2.05am i know this as we started timing the moving light,and again we both noticed clearly again the moving flickering light,we thought wow thats it again moving fast and my partner thought it looked like a tear drop shape..I was intrigued and got my phone out to take a picture but could not see a thing as it was pitch black screen.It looked white in colour and thought i would try a video to see if that would catch it .It was then a second light came into our vision .It was coming from the south and around 1000ft up under the cloud cover.It was big and as it came nearer to us we thought it looked like a plane as it was flashing different colours.I continued to video it as the other light was still in view below the clouds too.I said to mandie it was not picking up anything on the video as i could not see it through my phone.We then realised how close over head the plane[what we thought it was then] had got, and totally in awe at the fact it had very clearly 3 different colours red blue and white and it was making no noise what so ever !! we starred up in total amazement to this object we thought was a plane flying over to realise as it went past us above in the same direction as the flickering moving light was big and the lights were going in a kind of sequence around the object but it freaked us out as it was soooo silent and clearly we could see it was a very odd shape like a oval large disc ... i still had my video running and we continued to film and watch it disappeared into the clouds but it was moving very erratically in various directions not like the other light to which we timed was coming across flickering again in various directions every 15 mins but was not like the disc with multi colours clearly circling the object. we could not believe what we was looking at and could not get over the size and how it made no noise what so ever,we stayed some hour or so later in hope to see it come back ,but we did not and it got very cloudy.Mandie had a go at recording the other moving light and we was gutted as it did not show up on the phone recording at all and we thought we had not got anything at all..But we both know what we saw and i am totally 100% sure that was not a plane and impossible to be anything we could come with as the lights were strange and no noise was weird and we could not work out what it was we thought of everything it could have been but that moving object was nothing like we have that can travel at the speed, that shape, and silent!!! we were so shocked and still am now..We collected our stuff packed the van and headed home and decided we had to come back the next night in case we could get a chance to video it as we thought we could take our video player and set it up on the van to see if that would catch it. when we arrived home and got showered and in bed we casually checked our phones but we both expected to see nothing but when we looked the picture of the multi colored oval disc object it had caught it and the video had too but was so small,we very intriguely shared it to the lap top player and stablised and zoomed in and it has as far as i can clearly see the exact thing that we saw ..Lights movements and shape very oddly darting around the black quiet sky. a night we both will never forget.. i think you guys will shed some light on this video and tell us your thoughts on it and if you can come up with a explanation to this very strange evening of star gazing , your very intrugied paul and mandie

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