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English Road, Foristell Mo

Sighted on Sunday 03. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: Linear | Duration: Several minutes

I was traveling west on English Rd at aprox 1:00 a.m. on Sept 3rd. There were broken clouds when looking to my left (southwest). The clouds started refracting bright orange like the sun rising on a cloudy day. Out of the clouds came what I first thought was a bright orange falling star, traveling in a slight arch and traveling slightly to the south and east. I stopped the vehicle and when I did it shifted to moving in a straight line heading to the east. At first it looked like one orange pulsing lighted ball but as it got level in the sky beside my window I saw it was three orange pulsing lights - bigger in the middle and smaller to each side, not perfectly linear but the side lights were slightly set back from the larger middle light. I rolled down my windows to see if I could hear any noise but it was dead silent as it traveled in a straight line to the east. It was low enough that if it had been a plane I would have heard the engine noise and the pulsing of the lights continued until it was out of sight. I was so focused on this I didn't even think to get a picture..

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