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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (USA)

Sighted on Thursday 02. November 2017
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: A few second

Just saw a triangular set of lights right out my window. I was having a conversation with my boyfriend when out of nowhere a set of triangular lights came into view through a window. They were too perfectly triangular to be the lights on a winged plane and the craft seemed to hover 500 to 1000 feet in the sky and then corrected it's path and made a circular arc and went out of view. It was certainly not a plane...not straight path...it hovered and course corrected like a drone but it seemed large, like the size of a plane. Can't be 100% sure of the size but I would have thought it a plane had it not been for the unusual placement of the lights and the way it moved and no noise at all. It was totally silent. My jaw totally dropped and I was speechless for a few seconds. I had not even been meaning to look out the window at all so it was kind of a total shock to see. It had three white lights all making a perfect isosceles triangular shape. Then there was a red light in the center. My window was facing south. This was near the corner of 81st and Elm in Broken Arrow, OK.
It happened too fast to get a picture.

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