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Cleethorpes, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Wednesday 11. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration:

Iwas at home, just about to let dogs out for wee let them out stood at back door looking into sky, looking at stars, saw a small object moving,sudenley, there was an circular explosion and the star!, was gone.At 11.30pm my dogs go out every night , every night i watch the sky for objects for about fifteen minutes, over the past few years have seen a munber of moving objects, i know they are not airplanes or any other human devices, i saw a tube like craft that was flying northwards on the same time it was sighted over germany, i look for ufo's all the time, have seen loads, but never up close but unidentified, they are there you just have to look most ppl just look at the ground when out, never look into the sky, i dont have any qualms about ufo's they are there and if they wanted to do us harm i am sure they could, so dont worry me at all if you have investigator in area would be pleased to talk to them.I personally think that the object had accelerated out of our atmoshpere or opened a wormhole have no other explanation?

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Barnsley (UK/England) 2014-06-19 Rectangle 5 minutes
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Lincoln (Lincolnshire) (UK/England) 2013-08-07 Other 90 seconds?
York (UK/England) 2013-07-29 Light 3
Scarborough, England (United Kingdom) 2013-06-29 Disc
Bridlington (United Kingdom) 2013-06-12 Oval like with wings and lights 15 seconds
Boston, Lincolnshire (UK/England) 2013-06-01 Light ~1 minute
York, 2013-04-16 Light 3 minutes
Kirton/Boston (Lincolnshire, UK/England), 2013-04-13 Light 60-90 seconds