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Markham, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Sunday 15. October 2017
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Shape: Blimp | Duration: 00:15:00

My experience with anagram balloons: one night during the first half of october, 2017 my wife and i came home between 8 – 12 pm. we both went into the tv room to wind down for the night and catch up on the news. within minutes a balloon we had in the basement came hovering, floating about one foot to 18 inches, smoothly, equidistance, from the kitchen ceiling, it started from the hallway. it lowered itself to the entrance of the tv room, and just stood there hovering and fluttering in the air above us. the balloon hoovered in front and above us for about five to ten minutes – like purposely seeking attention. we were both looking at each other like in disbelief and at the balloon. the balloon then floated gracefully, keeping about a foot equidistance from all overhead surfaces like it was being remotely controlled or programmed by a computer. it was only two of us in the house, and we were both sitting on the couch watching tv. when it left the tv room, i remember we looked at each other in disbelief and i commented “it's an alien.” this experience truly fascinated me. i do watch alien shows on h2 channel. many times in the days following this experience, i would instinctively put my hands together, like one would in pray, when i pass this balloon. about one to two weeks later it settled on the floor of the living room almost deflated of helium. i pumped air (from a bicycle tire pump) into this anagram balloon and sit it in a corner, on the floor, in the living room. (my wife said the balloon was in the basement, from our daughter's wedding of august 19th/2017). only about two days later, about (10 - 12) pm, we (my wife and i) came in from outside. as i was taking out my jacket we saw another smaller anagram balloon floating, in the hallway, about waste high, around the area of the stairway leading to the basement and the laundry room. again, i remember asking her 'where are these things coming from?' and again she said they were in the basement. we both went in the tv room to wind down. about 15 to 30 minutes later i decided to call it a night, head to bed. when i got to the hallway, the balloon was now hovering (like the one before) about 12 – 18 inches from the ceiling, in front of the stairs leading to the second floor. it then moved towards the front door, where i usually go to to switch the outside / lawn lights off and check that the door is locked properly and the curtains on the front door had to be brought down, that night. i now begin to follow the balloon. this actually startled me, i stopped and wondered how this could happen. amazingly the balloon then moved at a steady, slow, smooth motion and hovered over the entrance in the hallway, leading to the laundry room and garage entrance, like, again, reminding me that i had to check the door between the laundry room and the garage. this i do every night. when i came back from checking the laundry room / garage door, it was hovered over the washroom door, where i had to go and clean my teeth. when i came out of the washroom, it got so much more bizarre, interesting & fascinating. when i came out of the washroom the balloon was hovering over the entrance to the stair leading to the second floor three bedrooms and home office room. on the second floor our (my wife & i) bedroom is on the right, straight ahead is my smaller daughter (29 years) bedroom and to my left is my office room and my elder daughter (33 years) bedroom. [ our daughters do not live with us anymore ] i followed the balloon up the stairs, to the second floor hallway, keeping a distance of about five to six feet behind. the balloon floated to the left, and hoovered just above the office door entrance. this reminded me that i had to close the blinds and curtains in my office room – i usually forget to do this three out of four days. when i came out of the office room it was hovering over the entrance of my elder daughter's room, again, reminding me to close the curtains there, in that room. as though waiting for me outside my elder daughter's bedroom, and having purpose, i came out following the balloon as it glides its way down the hall, gently lowering itself to enter our bedroom, never touching any surface until it sat on my wife's side of our bed. i sat on my side of the bed as i usually do and undress to my underwear and went under the covers. the balloon stayed above the covers on my wife's side of the bed. i did peep at it a few times within the next ten minutes or so. about 15 – 30 minutes later i heard my wife making her way up the stairs, by this time i was like between sleep and wake, i peeped the balloon in time to see it lift about six inches to one foot off the bed and gently moved to the back and side of the bed. i moved the covers of my face. when my wife came into the room, she grabbed / snatched the balloon, walked to the door, threw it in the hallway and closed our bedroom door. the next morning the balloon was in my office room suspended, hovering below the ceiling . it stayed there for weeks, moving, floating, hovering as though playing games with me. i never close my office room door – it never left. about three weeks after being in my office it was moving around on the floor. i put some helium into it. the balloon stayed suspended for about one or two weeks and finally lodge itself between a shelving unit and a wall. i thought it was a nice place to leave it. about two days later it was not there. i look around the house for it, but did not find it. one night, about five days after it disappeared from sight, when i came out of the main floor washroom it was like sitting on the living room floor. i stared at it for about 30 seconds to a minute and then it started to move at a steady pace, directly towards the first bigger balloon i had sat in a corner, on the floor, in the living room. the next day i asked my wife if she brought the balloon there (not that it made much difference)? she shrugged me off, saying she had no time for that. a bit more has happened since then. there is a third anagram balloon. i had a mild heart attack last night (30th november, 2017), i told no one else, not even my wife of this heart issue or my experience with the balloons. i decided i must document this experience before it's too late. i will be happy for some explanations, answers, speculation to the following questions: 1. i will like to know who or what was controlling those balloons? how they did it? 2. could it have been a prank, played on me? i love the show ' just for laughs gags'. 3. are there aliens amongst us? did aliens use the balloons as toys? 4. was it a message? the small balloons said ' love always and forever ' 5. does 'man' have the technology to have balloons perform, independently, on their own, like this? 6. i believe if the first balloon had not come along, i would not have followed the second balloon. and the experiences would have been lost. 7.

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