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Randburg, South Africa

Sighted on Friday 16. February 2018
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Shape: Cigar torpedo shape | Duration: 30 mins

Silver shinny torpedo looking craft. Stationary and very high up. Even though it was very far up it looked huge . It was difficult to find amount the streaky clouds but every now and then you could see it. I would estimate it's size at the height it was to be at least 1km long. I pulled out some binoculars and caught the back end as a cloud passed under it. Very shinny as the sun was hitting it from the one side . I noticed that some of the clouds around had odd holes in them like something blew air through the centre . It was quite bizzar. It looked like bullet holes through the clouds. And the sides seemed to curve up and the centre of the holes seemed to pour downwards. Very odd. Needles to say it struck me as very strange something that large just hanging there not moving at all.

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