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San Jose, CA, USA

Sighted on Thursday 08. March 2018
Reported on
Shape: One cylinder shape , one triangle | Duration: 3 minutes

Still confused with sighting, do not know what to make of it ... I looked through the window and saw big black long cylinder "floating" in the sky and thought it could be HUGE kite or something but did not quite looked like any kite or parachute I ever saw, and especially not on that height. Went outside to see better and than took my phone to make photos. Cylinder started changing position very slowly and than I noticed second object much lower. I looked down on my phone trying to send picks to my daughter and to enlarge object to see what it is and when I looked back up they were both gone ! I had trouble sending picks to my daughter and than my phone screen went "black". I was confused and thought that perhaps my battery was out. When I went inside home to put phone on charger screen went on again and battery was actually 38% full ! Anyhow - my daughter and my sister are insisting I should report this , so I am doing it here, since nobody else would take me seriously.

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