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Unanderra NSW, Australia

Sighted on Sunday 11. March 2018
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Shape: Round | Duration: Approximately 8 minutes

While sitting on our deck after dinner on Sunday evening, around 8pm, myself and 2 others with me noticed a very large, bright, round object in the sky, much bigger than a regular star or planet. It was too big and bright to be a drone. The light was white. Its flight path was not in a straight line - it was bouncing at times. There were no other lights (e.g. flashing or red) like you see on a plane or helicopter. The night sky was very clear. There was a constellation of 4 small-looking stars towards the coast, which the bright light was heading towards. The light suddenly dimmed quite quickly, then disappeared altogether. Not long afterwards, we saw a plane in the distance heading in a different direction, towards Albion Park airport. We also saw a satellite fly over. The light we’d seen was not anything like the lights on the plane or satellite. We did not have a camera handy to get a photo or video.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Illawarra (Australia) 2014-06-15 Unknown 10 minutes
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Kellyville, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-10-30 Circle, Flash, Star-like Undisclosed
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Ashfield, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-09-22 Oval, Teardrop Undisclosed
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Manly, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-03-17 Disc Undisclosed
Sydney (Australia), 2013-03-10 Egg 30 minutes
Bronte, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-03-08 Unknown Undisclosed
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Erskineville (Sydney) (Australia) 2012-01-09 Formation 20 minutes
Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) 2011-11-23 Flash, Triangle 00:05:01
Sydney (Australia) 2011-10-30 Light minute
Wollongong, New South Wales (Australia) 2011-10-16 Unknown Undisclosed
Sydney (Australia) 2011-09-26 Diamond 6 minutes
Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) 2011-07-06 Star-like, Unknown 00:01:10
Wollongong (Australia) 2011-05-18 Circle 5seconds
Sydney (Australia) 2011-01-10 Light 10 seconds
Rhodes (Sydney) (Australia) 2011-01-01 Changing 6 seconds
Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) 2010-09-10 Boomerang
Sydney (Australia) 2010-07-15 Triangle 30 minutes
Sydney (Australia) 2010-06-10 Changing 15 minutes
Sydney (Australia) 2010-06-05 Egg 2min
Wollongong (Australia) 2010-04-23 Oval unknown