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Tripoli, Libya

Sighted on Thursday 15. March 2018
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Shape: FireBall w/Triangular Shape | Duration: 1 minute

Time: Around 00:45 15th March Tripoli - Libya Time Location: Tripoli - Libya 32.853924, 13.198816 Was at home. Went outside house for smoke Sky was very clear, a bit cold Looked upwards There was a streak of light trailing a fireball from west to east Path was horizontal The fireball seemed to increase in size and brightness Then the light diminished, as it slightly slowed down Then, a triangular object appeared underlying what was the fireball Fireball around object re-appeared, and suddenly it all vanished! At first, I thought it was fireworks or a shooting star or somebody playing with some guns (was common past years after 2011 events in Libya, but subsided to very little past year) Today, I'm trying to corroborate my story with others via social media and personal interaction will update you ASAP

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