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Woodview, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Friday 30. September 2016
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:01:00

Walked dog, then put dog in house and decided to look at stars as clear night. i hear a light aircraft, we have a few in this area as it is lake country (floating planes). i look up to south and see a very bright light. not a lantern moving in the wind, not a light aircraft as no red or green accompanying lights. no sound comes from this light. appears brighter than a plane light and brighter than all stars in the sky. is a constant bright light. it moves at approximately the same speed as a light aircraft. i judge this by the actual aircraft which comes from the opposite direction, in the same direction as this light. the light appears to be approximately the same height as the plane. they pass what appears to be fairly close by each other but i cannot be sure of altitudes. the light takes approximately 20-40 seconds to cross the sky from treetop height in south to same in north/north west. the plane continues on to the south. light then suddenly looks as though it goes straight up, over a second or two it fades from white to red and is gone. it looked bright white from all directions. i immediately check weather - no moon, waning crescent with 0% luminosity. no cloud cover in view. no wind at ground or tree top level. temperature is 14-16 deg c. circumstances - i was watching 'star wars' on tv. i had 2 tins of beer. not tired and i do not take drugs, illegal or prescription. as an aside, in the november 2016 issue of local paper/magazine there is a report of a ufo a gentlemen saw. he saw this in the morning, what looked like a silver triangular object going no faster than a normal plane which 'separated' after 'a puff of smoke' then disappeared. no date is given. seen through binoculars.

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