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Nürnberg, Bayern (Germany)

Sighted on Friday 01. June 2018
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:00:10

June 1st 2018: arround 22:20 i left my house to take my bike to the nearest gas station to buy some beer and chill outside to welcome my favorite month of the year. //[the funny thing is, earlier that day i have read about how it is possible to "summon" ufos (from a guy in the youtube comments haha). just by looking to the sky and ..Idk "knowing" that you will see some. having some kind of thoughts creating some kind of frequencies that other interdimensional being "notice" and may follow? (or something like that) xd idk... at first i tried this at daytime when i took a short glimpse out of the window just to see ... yea nothing just as i expected. and thats probably the point. i expected it to not work, so it did not work.] back to the short bike ride: so i was totally not thinking about anything, i believe. so i enjoyed the cool airstream, and then i suddenly had a not totally concious thought to try the ufo trick. i did not conciously think about it, hmm thats not accurate. its more like the millisecond my brain decided to do so, i had no time to make a new thought like "it wont work anyway" etc. and so i turned my head to the left (ne) and looked up. i swear right after i did so suddenly yellow light orbs started to shoot over the night sky, from the right (se) to the left (nw). it took me about 2-3 seconds to realize what i was seeing. wtf! the yellow light orbs seemed to be 5 to 20 meters in size and were leaving no trails, moving with incredible speed, at a height of about 100m-150m (330ft-500ft), at cloudlevel. they all flew linear paths, all in the same direction, all same speed, but they did not fly behind each other, they were slightly distributed. all orbs were delayed form one another so i only saw about 5 to 6 at a time, rushing in a half of a second over the sky. when one disappeared on the left another one appeared on the right. the orbs glowed, but were not notably bright as they were flying in between the clouds. it was pleasant for the eye. after 10 seconds the last orbs have crossed the sky and the sky was just a normal sky again. 30 seconds later i arrived at the gas station and got off my bike. my legs were so shaky it was challenging to walk normally haha. yes i know, orbs probably arent as "special" as seeing real flying "ufo-machines" that seem to be manned. --- and yes, im sorry for my bad english :d

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