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Stratford, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Friday 27. July 2018
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 05:00:00

A brief and to the point description of my experience that is currently still happening on a nightly basis. i first took notice to odd lights in the sky surrounding my local area a few months ago.I am very observant and am always looking up. i also have a wild imagination but i can think logically in situations and my common sense is not easily swayed. once i picked up on the patterns of these certain lights i started to notice discrepancies that had my full attention. speeds, erratic movements, path of travel, and the lighting of the objects was just not conisistant with today. then i began to notice the bizarre obvious change in the behavior of the clouds and the sudden nonstop military traffic up there. to be exact, over the 4 last weeks, from what i observed i presumed there was 2 fighter jets always in the air at a time, and a much larger plane that travelled fairly high sometimes. think it was a either a refueler or some sort of radar plane. random flying objects were visible to the naked eye at night, and were mainly spotted near the more turbulent , violent looking clouds . on a busy night i would see 3 planes flying over my town every 15 minutes. i would be outside taking photos of the lights in the sky doing things like disapearing and appearing somewehere in the sky and these 2 un identified fighter jet looking aircraft would fly by this unknown light within a minute of it appearing in the sky ( and on their radar im assuming).The light would fade and the rumble from the jets also faded in the distance. i observed this aerial activity happening for about 5 days. a military uav looking plane that was very low, quiet, and had a oblong shaped nose would pass over the town in a grid form. it was spotted a few days doing this. while all that was going on, at the same time the clouds behaviour was bizarre. like a fast flowing very turbulemt river that seemed to produce vivid designs , tunnels, and words, and almost like the effect a wave length has by making that layerd effect that widens as it travels. dont know the name of that. i also have pictures i took of faces in the cloud, almost a perfect portrait. so basically the last month, being outside all night taking pictures and videos of these lights , got the attention of these lights and they havent left yet. what started with them following me at night and getting their craft close enough for my camera to pick up the shape of the object, is now to the point that they are outside waiting for me to visit them it seems.They leave signs that my camera will pick up and then ill see them shortly after that. when they get close, my camera either shuts off, or gets this mysteroius dark cloud in the photo. they also like releasing these primarily invisible, but can switch to visible black mettallic spheres i like to call probes. the probes have 2 eyes that are illuminated and can be seen outdoors at night. i have pictures of these. my first ever encounter with them was a frightening and confusing one , due to obvious reasons. i saw a large t shaped object with what i counted was 7 large light pointed in slightly different directions. this ship created its own cloud cover, and also was seen by eye and on photos to be dropping these black balls and bright objects to the ground below, and the air above. the spheres immediatly swarmed me in silence and i didnt notice until i looked into the camera that they were literslly all around me. when the camera took the picure and displayed it on the display screen, i saw my first sphere, clear and detailed with what i will describe as red vein looking lines on the exterior and two perfectly round eye holes. size is around a bowling ball. it was something that i couldnt run from, instead i went back every night to see it. now they come to me. to my front step. saves me gas anyways...They also have a very very small egg like craft, and a longer, almost car like thing with a black line down the back of the vehicle. looks like its a peice of wood or rock in the pics. but its got a nice curved form. so like i said, now they are outside my apartment at night. its a small town, with quiet streets. they would be hard to notice if someone isnt specifically looking for things of that manner. however i have showed someone else the pictures, then brought them along and verified the fact that they are physically there .Usually just the spheres will be there , like usual, as a precaution im sure. once i come out its almost like they signal someone , because every time i hang out taking pictures , within half hour there is the sounds and lights of a craft landing nearby and a being present in the general area. we have observed each other every night now for the last 10 or so an i just saw the little grey guys yesterday and today. i cannot always see them, as they have some sort of way to blend, but my camera can pick them up.Two nights ago i saw what i can identify as being a large round grey oblong oval "head" with 2 big black eyes . the color of it was kind a shiny grey, maybe a slight amount of white. the bald ass head reflected the moon very easy,and being as the top half was much bigger than the jaw area, it had a big surface area for the light to shine. i noticed 2 distince red "lines" on his head that went down over the forehead area.Seen the first one appear physically within 50 feet of me, and some much closer. the black spheres are definity visible to the eye now, seems that they are intentionally showing themselves to me. yesterday i got pic of the grey one with the red lined on his head. the other ones his behind the cars in the parking lot. they have also been spotted on my phones camera floating in front of my apartment window, 3rd floor.Moments before the small grey one came . the whole thing is being documented. lots more to say. enough for tonight

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