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Bedford, Indiana (United States)

Sighted on Monday 03. September 2018
Reported on
Shape: Cross | Duration: 01:20:00

I was outside on my back porch smoking a cigarette, looking at the sky as i am prone to do, looking at random stars when i thought i saw one move- it was moving nearer to me- i followed it with my eyes. then suddenly it stopped, hovered, reversed course (going away from me) then stopped again and started back my way. in what seemed like no time, it went from being a star in the far away sky, to being a large cross-shape of red circular lights. it hung in the sky right above-ahead of me. i thought it could be a drone at first- but i knew it was entirely to large to be that. it was silent. it hung in front of me for a while-- such a while i started to become a bit uncomfortable. i said in my head (possibly aloud) "i am no threat to you" i remained staring at it then it's center light flashed a different color, then it flashed more lights showing a larger, rectangular craft. then it started to cruise over from directly in front of me, to going to my right and over head. it seemed to be getting lower and i came off of my porch to keep watching, and i saw it descend less than half a mile behind my house. i became frightened and ran in the house into my bed. the story gets quite unbelievable about an hour later. please contact me for the most unbelievable details of this encounter.

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