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Washington Township, New Jersey (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 16. October 2018
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 03:00:00

So this has been an on going event for about a month now, maybe more. it all started when i decided to sign up for this website where i work on(i am a webcam model). i went into someones stream where she was recording herself. behind her was a window. as i continued to watch her stream weird lights were coming from her window (just thought of pssing cars or something like that) the lights began to become more and more intense and abnormal. the lights that were coming from her window were not just lights they were pulsating and looked like a form of energy, i told the girl about it and begged her to look at it but she would not. her face looked like she was frightened, she freaked out and said "i cant look at it, if they know you can see it they will hurt you" she then said "take me into a private chat" of course i did. during this webcam chat a shadow like figure was running back and fourth her cam very very fast and she tried to cover it up by moving her hand behind it to make it seem like it was bad cam quality but it wasn't i just figured if i said anything it would begin to hurt her. little did i know that same shadow figure, paid me a visit the same night. that night i started doing a lot of research about this website and found a lot of bad reviews. the reviews talk a lot about hacking into peoples personal devices and causing them harm. i started to do more research and digging and someone that also used the website said something about it being "the illuminati hacker base" and something about "hive earth garden one" this person aslo passed away so i can not contact them about this, he has a youtube channel with over 500+ videos about orbs and lights and alien encounters. this is not a sighting of a ufo because i did not see a ufo at all, i heard the ufo outside my window hovering and i think they been coming into my house and doing experiments on all 3 of us, im just the only one that sees something strange going on. every time i feel them around my partner falls asleep uncontrollably and im left awake in bed, and thats when i start hearing all the strange noises and see shadow people or figures running by, i have a recording of this shadow person in my home and running past the t.V witch was less then 6 feet away from me. i hear them in the attic running around. its like they are sending out different frequencies that effect the brain that make my partner go to sleep or that make me want to sleep. i hear different types of ringing almost every night, it changes and sometimes it will even go away. i have weird markings on my body and one day after seeing it for the first time in the house i woke up with a cut on my lower left side in the shape of a triangle with a weird symbol under it. i have marks on my thighs and dont know where they are coming from, these dots seem to be in patterns of 3 and make a triangle if you connect the dots. i continue going to my friends house where it all started just because i like whats happening and want to know more for myself. i know it sounds crazy but to me the fear and not knowing is worth it. ive decided that i want to investigate this as job now and a career. one day my friend left the house and wondered into the woods, no shoes! we had no idea where he went, he was gone for 8+ hours. later that night we got a call from the hospital saying he had been admitted. the dr said someone had seen him in the woods and called the cops. i asked him when he got home "why were you in the woods with no shoes bro?" he said it was like he was being forced and couldn't control it, his exact words "it felt like someone was grabbing my arm and pulling me" and when he tells the story its like he doesn't remember anything about what actually happened in the woods, just going there and then being at the hospital its like something just doesn't make sense.. i started to tell my partner about these strange events and he said he does believe me and its like he knows the truth about whats going on but hes not aloud to talk about it. one night we were in the other room and we were watching a movie, i began to see the shadows moving and strange heat coming over the room, i told my partner in secret so i wouldn't scare our guest we were with i said "im seeing it again and i can feel something around" we sat down and watched a movie with our heads back he immediately fell asleep again, i felt them in the room and just kept my eyes closed, i felt them poking me and touching me. with both our heads back on the couch i begin to hear the most unpleasant of sounds coming from my partners side, sounded like they were breaking bones and re attaching body parts it was like a horror movie, while the sounds were very real, i could faintly feel the pain, there was no pain at all. i could feel them kind of trace a square on the top of my skull like cutting into my head and they started poking around in my brain, its like the tools they use are so advanced it gets rid of the pain, i began to feel slight pokes in my brain and random twitching from different ligaments in my body like they were learning what each part of the brain controls witch part of body. when they wanted me to move my head a certain way they would tap my temple and my head started to move. i know this all sounds very crazy but they are more events that have happened to me almost every night when i stay at my partners house! i have had sleep paralysis at my home now when i leave his house and i cant seem to get much sleep anymore. now the reason im doing this is because i dont know if the video i have is a demon or an alien either way id like to show you the video in person and talk more, i will not send the video over email because i have not sent it to anyone, i showed a couple people and they were beyond freaked out. the video looks demonic!

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