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Boise, Idaho (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 06. November 2018
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration:

I was in front of my house helping a friend hook on to a camp trailer. i looked up to see what appeared to be a crescent of dim bluish light in the sky just slightly to the north east of me. after watching a second i noticed it was moving. it was very large. as it got closer i could see a dark object moving behind the light. as it got a little closer i could see clearly that it was a bomerange shaped craft moving silently at around 200 knots. it seemed to put off a light glow all around the craft. brighter in the front. almost like a static glow. it had no lights. i would have missed it if it wasn't for the glow. once it was just about overhead it turned west and i lost it to the horizon. i got video but it's on my iphone and too dark to see. may be able to pull an image out with enhancements. three of us clearly witnessed it. it was at about 8000ft. it had to be close to a half mile across. watched it for about a minute. this all happend a mile away from the boise airport and gowen field army base. my family has owned and flown small planes my entire life so i'm pretty confident in the altitude and speed it was traveling. it came from the north east flying south west and turned directly west. i had him shut off his truck lights to try and get better video. i don't think i caught anything worth while, but i attached it. don't know if it was ours or something from off planet, it was there, it was real, it was unconventional.

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