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Liminka (Finland)

Sighted on Wednesday 07. November 2018
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 00:15:00

1. i was having a cigarette in my balcony, watching the night skies 2. saw a light in the sky, first thought it as a military jet (common in the area), soon after the light started moving sharply, in unnatural lines. 3. as said, a military jet (f/a-18c or -18cd, common fighter jet in faf) 4. at first glance it appeared moving in a long, straight line, what made me think it as an normal aircraft. then the lights started moving, first in an sharp motion to east, then to north, in angles that are not usually possible, even for a fighter jet. the object continued the movement, in a rapid pace, at times looking like vertical descend or ascension. when the lights were above my house, i could make out an shape; oval or cigar-like, though the lights were quite bright and the object was in very high altitude. i also saw a local hockey-arena spotlight (not sure, assumption) following the light at the end, so i musn't have been the only one seeing it. soon after the spotlight locked on to the object, it halted for a split second and then it was gone. object was above the sea during the end. 5. i have some military background (nco in reserve), and at first i tried following the lights as an fighter jet and was awaiting for a slight sonic boom/jet engine sound, and to try and recognise the aircraft bu sound. but there was none. soon afterwards, i started seeing the odd movement of the object and naturally thought that there was an problem with the fighter and that it might have to bail, or that i might see an fireball, falling debree, etc. mostly i was confused and just kept following the lights and trying to look for reactions in people at the street, and saw a couple seeing the same things as i did. once i saw the spotlight following the target, i was sure i wasn't just seeing things. but still i was quite confused about the thing. now i'm just waiting to see something in the news about the matter. 6. as said previously, when the spotlight started following the object, it stopped and a moment later vanished from my view, above the sea. i dont know if it went into a cloud in the sky or if it just turned off the lights, but the spotlight apparently lost it too, since it scanned the clouds above the water for a short period of time.

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