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Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 10. November 2018
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 00:00:05

I was sitting in my chair looking out the window occasionally while waiting for company to arrive. the view from my window i can see out over most of the valley. i looked up and notice a flying object going east to west across the sky. it was a solid object and it was flying over the reservation going towards the northshore. it was white, long, oval shaped and moved across the sky in a horizontally. i kept my eyes on it the whole time trying to figure out what it was. i watched it for about 5 seconds then it just disappeared right in front of my eyes. i tried looking for it afterwards but it was nowhere in sight. i realize it was a ufo when it disappeared. never seen a ufo disappear before. i've had four other sighting over the years.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-07-22 Disc 00:05:00
Kamloops, BC (Canada) 2016-03-10 ? I thought it was a big, bright low star approx 1 - 2 min
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Kamloops (Canada), BC 2015-04-14 Formation 30 seconds
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Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-03-31 Circle Undisclosed
Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-10-14 Star-like 00:06:00
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Kamloops (Canada), BC 2014-07-30 Changing 4 minutes
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Enderby, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-06-13 Fireball 00:15:00
Merrit (Canada), BC 2014-05-22 Light 3 seconds
Merrit (Canada), BC 2014-05-22 Light 3 seconds
Lake Country (Canada), BC 2014-02-02 Diamond 3 minutes
Vernon (outside of) (Canada), BC 2013-09-16 Light
Vernon (Canada), BC 2013-09-01 several hours
Salmon Arm (Canada), BC 2013-08-22 Sphere 5 minutes
Kamloops (Canada), BC 2013-08-13 Light 60 seconds
Armstrong, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-08-10 round 2
Vernon (Canada), BC 2013-08-10 Other 1 hour
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Okanagan Centre, British Columbia (Canada) 2010-06-05 Unknown 00:06:54
Okanagan Centre (Canada), BC 2010-06-05 Changing ~6 minutes
Okanagan Centre (Canada), BC 2010-06-05 Changing ~6 minutes
Cache Creek, British Columbia (Canada) 2009-07-10 Bullet, Missile, Fireball Undisclosed
Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2009-06-15 Other 00:00:10
Vernon, British Columbia (Canada) 2008-11-02 Sphere, Other 00:10:00
Vernon (Canada), BC 2008-07-25 Cylinder 20 minutes
Vernon, British Columbia (Canada) 2008-07-25 Cylinder Undisclosed
Vernon, British Columbia (Canada) 2008-07-25 Cylinder 00:20:00
Armstrong (Canada), BC 2008-03-13 Light 30 sec.
Kamloops (Canada), BC 2007-12-14 Light 5-7 hours
Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2007-11-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Savona (Canada), BC 2007-09-20 Other 10 sec.
Vernon (Canada), BC 2007-03-16 Unknown less than a minute
Winfield (Canada), BC 2006-09-22 Disk 5 seconds
Kamloops (Canada), BC 2006-09-01 Teardrop 1 hour
Kamloops, British Columbia (Canada) 2006-05-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Vernon (Canada), BC 2005-12-05 Cigar 7 minutes
Vernon (Canada), BC 2005-10-31 Unknown APPOX.7MIN.
Salmon Arm, British Columbia (Canada) 2005-08-29 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Coldstream (Canada), BC 2005-07-26 Light 1 min
Merritt (Canada), BC 2004-10-03 Fireball 5 mins appox.
Blind Bay (Canada), BC 2004-08-08 Flash ? so far 15 mins
Sicamous (Canada), BC 2004-07-02 Light 15 min
Lake Country/Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-06-03 Oval a few seconds
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-05-19 Other varies
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-05-17 Other
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-04-11 Other
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-04-08 Other approx: 3 seconds
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-03-29 Other 5 minutes
Anglemont (Canada), BC 2004-03-19 Circle 1 minute
Vernon (Canada), BC 2004-02-14 Other unknown
Sicamous (Canada), BC 2003-12-26 Diamond approx: 1 hour