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Tarboro, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 22. December 2018
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:05:00

I was traveling on us 64 east when objects crossed my windshield approx, size of a grapefruit flying in formation of a triangle. i pulled off the road the same time other cars did and got out to take pictures. also videoed the first formation. no noise solid orange glow. appeared to be moving off as they were getting smaller. someone yelled out "here come some more". i looked and saw another group of 7 coming the same way as the others. my cell phone camera suddenly stopped working and went black. i rebooted to find my battery was good but not sure why it cut off. heard a noise after the second group was gone of helicopters coming the same path the objects took. i posted the pictures and videos to my facebook when i got home. now things get weird. around 3:30 am my dog woke me scared and shaking. i thought she needed to go out but she crawled under my covers. i heard voices in the house and got up to find a tv on the closed in porch on and would not cut off with the remote. i unplugged and then noticed my storm door ajar with the dead lock still in place. re locked and went back to bed. today i was talking on my cell phone to a friend telling about all this.A voice female came on my phone and said i was being disconnected now and my phone went dead.My friend called me back and asked who that person was on the phone and why she disconnected us. i said no one is here with me and i don't know. i am an educated person who has never believed before now but this has affected me and i can't find a logical answer for what has happened.


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