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Lima, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Monday 15. May 2017
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 04:00:00

My brother picked me up from work at 10:10 pm on robb ave.We drove to our home on leonard ave. he asked his girlfriend and my daughter if they would ride with him to do his job. neither wanted to go. he asked me to go so i went with him. he had 2 buildings to clean the first only took 45 minutes and the second only 15. so we left we stopped and got a cup of coffee and went to the first building we was in there about 45 minutes. when we came out of that building my brother threw the trash bag on top the truck we drove around the back of the building to the dumpster my brother got out and opened the gate to the dumpster..... the next thing i know we are sitting in the truck in front of the other building. my brother gets out of truck and opens gate to pull in. when we get out of truck i grab my phone i look at the time and it is 5 in the morning. we couldnt believe it. we go in and clean .After about 15 minutes we come out to sit in truck to wait on floor to dry.There is more to this i would like to talk to someone about the rest.

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