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Danville, Iowa (United States)

Sighted on Monday 13. May 2019
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:00:20

I was driving west on highway 34 at 9:18 pm cdt when i noticed a bright orange light in the western sky 6 degrees above the horizon. i turned west and drove toward it, hoping to get a better view. i saw it for about 20 - 30 seconds. the reason i noticed it was because it was unusually bright. it was the brightest object in the sky at the time, other than the moon. it was not a star, nor a planet. i've had an intense interest in astronomy since early childhood. i know what planets and stars look like, and this was neither. it appeared to flicker or pulsate just before abruptly disappearing. it seemed like it was more than a mile away, possibly several miles or more. i could not hear any sound coming from it, but from the distance, it's not surprising. i saw several aircraft in the general direction of the orange light. i wondered if sunlight was reflecting off a plane in my direction, so i came home and looked up any planes in the area that were in that general direction at the time, and i did discover that there were four that were in that general direction around that time. i found the information on www.Flightradar24.Com. after i pulled over, i noticed something dark off to the right of the road in front of me. when i pulled over, i kept the vehicle running, but i turned off my headlights. i saw what i thought at the time was the head of someone walking parallel to the road in my general direction. it appeared to be a dark silhouette up against the dim sky. i turned the headlights back on to see who it was, but no one was there. after i got home, i uploaded the video to my computer and watched it. toward the end of the video, right before i stopped recording, it looks like there is something dark moving around right in the exact area i saw the dark figure. i do not know if there was any correlation between the orange orb and the dark figure, but i wanted to mention it in case. at the time i was recording the video, i could not see the orb on my phone screen. but after playing the video on my computer, i found out that it is visible. it's the object that looks like a bright star just to the left of the road in the distance. i apologize for the low quality, but my phone camera is not very good. i thought the only way it might show up was if i increased the exposure in order to take in more light, but the drawback to that is that the video is not smooth. that's all the information i can think of. i've seen more than a few orange lights like this in the last few years in this area. several years ago, an orange orb passed over the trees in my backyard at a low altitude, possibly less than 300 feet above the ground. there were multiple witnesses to that sighting - at least two other people i know saw it. i can give more information about it if any researcher would like. i want to keep this report mostly on-topic about the object i saw a few hours ago, but i did want to at least mention the ufo that passed over my yard, since the color of these orange orbs is almost always the same color.

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