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At a pullout on the highway, ID

Sighted on Wednesday 10. April 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 10 seconds

Three star like objects moved slowly then faded one by oneThere were three stars that all moved in perfect formation.The three lights made an un-even triangle. There was no sound.They moved slowly. The aft light faded first then the middle light.The forward light faded last. They didn't just turn off but instead they faded very slowly.There were seven of us though only three saw it. We were all travelling at night and wanted to get out and stretch our legs. We live in a big city so the stars were amazing to see. I'm not quite sure where we were, all I know is that we were at a pullout on the highway somewhere.I think we were facing W.S.W. and it was about 70° up.((NUFORC Note: Witness does not state what direction the lights were traveling, but we suspect they were moving, but we suspect he may have been witness to three satellites flying in formation. They may have been the U. S. Navy N. O. S. S. satellites, which are reported to us, from time to time. PD))

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